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Is it possible that this popular preacher might have some teachings that are not consistent with Scripture?In this teaching I will not address Charles Stanley sermons on radio that are sound, but instead we will critique Charles Stanley's conception of the gospel and how his gospel based on eternal security compares with Scripture.In February 2000, she again filed for divorce, and a judge issued a final decree May 11, 2000 ending the 44-year marriage.

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is a major focal point of this article dealing with his view of the gospel. Stanley teach a dozen or so sermons has certainly heard some fine teachings! But does this mean that all Dr Charles Stanley sermons are Biblically sound?Child Custody Blog was created to provide our visitors with helpful and news worthy content, information, media, and commentary on the subject of Divorce and Child Custody.While this blog is primarily textual, you will find images, video and other media related to custody and divorce such as famous child custody battles, famous divorces, custody tips and more...Are they one and the same or is there an important difference that will adversely affect people, to some degree, throughout eternity?For those who are regular listeners of his broadcasts, to hear eternal security taught, directly or indirectly, is not uncommon!

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