When updating iphone

Step 1: Launch i Tunes Step 2: On Mac, select i Tunes from the menu bar and click on Check for Updates.

In Windows, open Help from the menu bar and choose Check for Updates.

Unfortunately some i Phone may turn to be bricked after updating to the i OS 9. If you recover the i Phone with a corrupted backup, of course your device will be bricked or has some other problems. Jailbreaking If you have jailbroken your i Phone before, the i Phone may also meet some problem when you updating the operating system. But if you follow the tips below, the possibility of your i Phone becoming a bricked i Phone will be less. Don't plug the USB port of your i Phone to any unreliable power supplies. If you connect to the Wi-Fi when updating to the i OS 9, you should make sure the Wi-Fi is stable. So just press on the Power button on the top of the device and the Home button simultaneously for a while.

For example, the i Phone may be extremely hot when you use it or the Wi-Fi cannot be connected. If your device will be bricked if the battery runs out during the process of updating the Apple operating system. And then you will see an Apple logo like the picture shows below. Connect your i Phone to the computer with a USB cable.

For more information on jailbreaking an i OS device under i OS 5, take a look at our how-to article.

(Update: The i Phone Dev-Team has updated ultrasn0w, adding support for i OS 5!

A message flashes saying that the i Phone could not be restored because an Unknown error occurred.

But if the same issue comes over and over again when you restore or update i Phone with i Tunes, you may like to try following steps to fix i Tunes error 9006. How to Unlock Your i OS 10 Device With a Single Click (Like in i OS 9)?

i OS 9 has been released for a period of time and many people may are eager to upgrade their Apple operating system.

Although there is no clear reason why the error could occur, it is believed that it happens when i Tunes attempts to download the necessary firmware to install on your device only to run into problems.

So it may very well be that the problem is caused by a connectivity issue.

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