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However, we know that sometimes relationships can mean disappointment, broken hearts and even abuse.

As a parent, teaching your child about healthy relationships is a good step to prepare them for the future. Begin by asking questions to learn about what your teen already knows or thinks about relationships, such as “Are any of your friends dating? ” It’s important to be open and honest with teens and give them space to express their own feelings and concerns.

We struggle with how to set appropriate limits and how to keep […] Dating Violence / E-News / Parent Tips / Parent-Teen Communication / Parenting / Setting Boundaries / Sexual Assault / Teen Apps / Teen Peer Groups / Teen self-esteem / Teen Sexting / Teens and Technology Written By: Sarah Mc Laughlin, LMFT, Site Supervisor, ACS On-Campus Counseling Program Teen relationships can often seem mysterious in this digital age.

It’s not always easy for a parent to ascertain the nature of their child’s relationships or to keep track of the ups and downs that take place during these romantic relationships.

Mutual Respect Both people in the partnership should speak to each other respectfully.

Partners should avoid put-downs, even in the heat of a disagreement.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to domestic violence: Domestic violence – pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship, such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation.

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Privacy While sharing can be a good thing between a couple, being someone’s partner doesn’t require a person to open up every aspect of their life.

” to “Why do […] Behavioral Norms / Facebook / Mental Health / Middle School Behavior / Monitoring Media / Online Monitoring / Online Privacy / Online Safety / Parent Role Models / Parent Tips / Parent-Teen Communication / Parenting / Relationships / Risky Behaviour / Setting Boundaries / Social Media Abuse / Society Norms / Teaching Mindfulness / Teen Apps / Teen Motivation / Teen Privacy / Teen Therapy / Teens and Technology / Tumblr / Twitter Written By: Deborah Sloss, LCSW, ACS Site Supervisor, On-Campus Counseling Program Teenagers today are constantly “plugged in”– gaming, texting, tweeting, or posting on Snapchat and Instagram.

As parents, we worry that our kids are addicted, detached, and distracted by their digital devices.

Adolescents who experience dating violence are not only at an increased risk of being physically injured, but are also more likely to report binge drinking, suicide attempts, physical fighting, and sexual activity.

Every day, young people navigate relationships - crushes, breakups, sexuality, firsts, and hook ups - but they don’t always have the space to talk about them, learn about them, or share their experiences.

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