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These records all show that humans and civilizations existed in almost all parts of the world at the time of the flood, and that there was a worldwide population of possibly 100 million people.The civilizations of the time were using Bronze tools and had the potters wheel, looms to made textiles, had invented the plow and domesticated draft animals, they also traded with peoples hundreds of miles away. Man was changing from herders and hunter-gatherers to settled agriculture and cities that could support the new technologies. The written record and Archaeology support this view.There was certainly a civilization before the Flood, and presumably, the people had a written language.We read in Genesis 5 of the "book" of the generations of Adam (Genesis 5:1), for example.The early earth after creation is nowhere pictured as a place of smoking volcanoes, sulfureous fumes and violent quakes.

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Bronze was used in most weapons of the time, such as spear points, arrowheads, swords, axes, helmets, armor, and shields.(It will be interesting to see how Biblical literalists like Ken Ham react to this finding.)This has all come to light since the recent deciphering of a clay cuneiform tablet first shown to curators at the British Museum in 1985, but not surrendered by its owner for translation until 2009.Now the remarkable results are detailed in a book by Irving Finkel, Assyriologist and “assistant keeper” of ancient writings at the British Museum.One would then have to think in terms of a local flood, and the world before such a flood would be no different from the world after the flood.To discuss the pre-Flood world with meaning, we therefore have to think in the framework of Biblical history, in terms of thousands rather than millions of years, in terms of six days of creation culminating in a perfect and finished world, in terms of the introduction of sin and God's curse on creation, and finally, of the destruction of the world as it then was in the waters of the Flood. Peter says that the whole world at that time perished by a great cataclysm of water.

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