Customs of dating around the world

Couples often don't go out on their first dates alone until they're almost 20 years old, and even after marriage Australians typically go out in groups more often than by themselves.Single women in Australia typically do not shy away from asking out men they're interested in.To combat this, DNA testing and several laws were put into place to afford women protection.Also, families have now secured their homes with steel locks in order to prevent a hunter from entering.

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When Australian women ask men out, they have no problem picking up the check, at least for the first few dates.

The horror of having to wait one month to find out if he’s into you…

AUSTRIA- AN APPLE A DAY An old tradition in Austria saw ladies on the pull place segments of apple in their armpits and perform a special dance for the lads.

Being in love can make people do the strangest things.

It just goes to show that animals aren’t the only ones capable of exhibiting bizarre courting behavior—not by a long shot.

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