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Drori, to gain access to the Qumran parallels to the famous Damascus Document (CD) and the general situation denying access to unpublished Qumran materials to scholars not part of the "International Team or those favored for some reason by it.

In their letter describing and protesting this situation, Eisenman and Davies suggested that if Mr.

When the domestication of rice began in its homeland, China, is an enduring and important issue of debate for researchers from many different disciplines.

Reliable chronological and robust identification criteria for rice domestication are keys to understanding the issue.

Direct dating of the rice remains might serve to clarify their age.

You will see presentation 5 is missing between 4 and 6.

However, because of the poor preservation of macroplant fossils, many radiocarbon dates were derived from undifferentiated organic materials in pottery sherds.

These materials remain a source of debate because of potential contamination by old carbon.

Introduction The first request for the application of up-to-date AMS carbon dating on Qumran documents was made by Professors Robert Eisenman of California State University Long Beach and Philip Davies of the University of Sheffield, England in a letter to Amir Drori, then Head of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, on May 2, 1989.

The letter stemmed from their frustration at the denial of an earlier request in March 16, 1989 , addressed to John Strugnell and copied to Mr.

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