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Therapy is imperative in order to avoid Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Without therapy there are other coping behaviors that one might develop that are destructive to self and others, such as substance abuse, aggressive behaviors and compulsive or avoidant sexual behaviors.

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At Night Light, we believe that each individual has the strength and power to make positive changes in his or her life, family, and community.

Pastoral Care Ministry is an integral part of the Office of Formation and Discipleship.

We collaborate with ministry leadership and parishes to promote and sustain effective outreach for a variety of specialized needs.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation is harmful because it takes advantage of individuals in vulnerable situations — having little to no choices — and commodifies the innate human need for connection and belonging.

While there is a range of experiences, the experience of commercial sexual exploitation can include physical and sexual assault, rape, anxiety, depression, insomnia, flashbacks, emotional numbing, dissociative disorders, brain damage, and murder.

At difficult times in our lives it may become necessary to seek the input of a trained professional whose expertise and knowledge of coping skills and psychological issues can aid and assist one in dealing with the pressures of life.Their services are aimed at helping families make positive plans that include parenting, adoption, or kinship care for their unborn child.Pregnancy Aid Clinic* Pregnancy Aid Clinic is a non-profit center that has been providing life-changing and life-saving services regardless of financial ability, race, age, or religion since 1984.Recognizing the Church’s desire to respond holistically to the entire person, from within the perspective of faith, we provide support, training, and resources for parish ministry leadership so that they may effectively attend to those entrusted to their care.Pregnancy Counseling offered by Catholic Charities* Catholic Charities provides free, professional counseling assisting people with decision making, problem solving, and goal setting.

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