Alfa romeo speed dating

Founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy with a focus on performance, design, and motorsport, Alfa Romeo continues to live up to its founding mantra with its new 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C.Just like its predecessors, this stunning and well-executed design language offers value for its price.For daily driving though, other similarly priced vehicles are a better choice.Its release date after much speculation and hype is set for September next year.

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The two World Championships of the Alfetta Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio dominated the first two Formula 1 World Championships with an epic car: the Alfetta.

(This is the first of a six-piece article series filled with tales of passion and intrigue. A trip to Asti wasn’t necessarily on my itinerary, and yet I couldn’t turn it down. I confess I enjoyed the anticipation of meeting Ludie. I fantasized about driving her through Italy’s coastal roads, mountains, fields, and valleys, as I took the slow, local regional train from Milan to Turin before going to Asti.

Follow the adventures of our Petrolicious protagonists as they navigate blind romance, love triangles, and Italian roads in a 1968 Alfa Romeo GTV. I’m not the type to try to convince myself that she could ever be my one and only. In Turin’s city center at a piazza whose name I never knew or I just can’t remember, I vaguely recall noting that despite its industrial reputation, the city was rather chic and stylish. Whatever it was, it and the unique blend of herbs, roots, and bark of my libation started to make me feel nostalgic.

A legend made of men, cars, successes and technology.

A history marked by moments of glory, but also by tragic episodes that teach how cruel the racetrack can be.

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