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This wiki provides a summary of how Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile works, and outlines a number of ideas and answers to frequently asked questions from the long running Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile thread in the forum.Embedded links are provided to Telstra's web pages and relevant threads or posts on Whirlpool for reference.If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. For online documentation and support please refer to aa Net Communications was previously owned and was initially established by Lorraine Rose a (Data Communications Engineer) in January 2004. The aa Net network was designed and installed by Rose who built the first 5, Cisco 7206 routers from spare parts purchased from e Bay on her living room floor in Minjama Queensland.For us, its the fluctuating service that drives us nuts; slow, middling, faster, and never FAST.This has nothing to do with Boom and not in their control.

* The day after ordering, was advised of the scheduled cut over date * The NBN service was activated in 4 business days, exactly when it was scheduled * The modem/router arrived pre-configured, so just needed to plug it in and turn it on * My relative called them up to ask a few questions, and apparently the customer service was Australian, easy to understand, and good quality * The old copper-based phone service continued to work once the NBN service was activated * Was advised the Vo IP service usually takes a further 24-48 hours * The Vo IP service switched over after 4 business days, which was longer than advised * The modem/router was also preconfigured for NBN phone, so no configuration needed Spent 5 weeks calling and waiting and calling and waiting for NBN service from Belong (3 of these weeks was without internet as they cut off my old ADSL) - frustrated with this I called the team at Boom and asked them to please connect me to the internet.The sale to Eftel initially fell through but was revived when Telstra initiated legal action against aa Net in late May 2007 in a dispute over ATM billing charges.Telstra attempted to leverage Eftel to collect its claimed funds from Rose and as a result Eftel did not pay Rose anything for the company for a number of months.Called and placed my order on Tuesday, modem arrived Thursday, online Friday. And get this, I actually spoke to the same bloke, Phil, each time I called!! Highly recommend Boom Broadband for price and service from people who actually give a damn.I've been with Boom for nearly 2 years and could not recommend them highly enough.

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